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Photography and Video Cahoot Creative

If you want to make your materials eye-catching and appealing, good visuals are vital – so bring your work to life with high-quality images and video.

We can organise photography either in a studio or on location, depending on whether you want simple things like headshots of your team or action shots of the day-to-day life of your organisation. Our photographer is great at capturing the essence of people and places, and the shots can be used for printed materials like publications, postcards and flyers as well as online.

And if you want a simple but effective video for your website or social media, we can help with the planning, storyboarding and scripting as well as filming the video (including interviewing if you need it) and then expertly editing it down to a mini masterpiece.

Trust the numbers

Did you know that, on average, people stick around 88% longer on websites that have video? Video also has a hugely positive impact on SEO and can drive more traffic to your site, and has been shown to increase the chances of people taking an action (like buying something or booking an event) by 20%.

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