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Connect with your local community

We know how important it is for you to be visible in your community – both physically and digitally. You want to be encouraging new visitors through the door every week as well as keeping your members engaged and up to date with what’s going on in the life of the church.

We’re here to help you create digital and print materials that are attractive, relevant and welcoming – both for those who are already committed and those who you’d love to see become a part of the church family.

We can build you a unique website that not only looks great but has whatever functionality you need – a calendar and event bookings, online giving, login or discussion areas for members and places to showcase videos and talks. Plus we can help you make sure the content is as good as the design, with our top-notch copywriting, video and photography work.

We can also help to design materials for you to distribute in the local area to draw people to your site, like leaflets or postcards, as well as things you use in your building like pull-up banners, event flyers, or welcome sheets. And we can do all that in line with your current church style, or we can help you update your branding – giving you a fresh look or even a new logo.

Whatever your denomination, size, style and budget, we can work with you to create all the materials you need to connect with your local community.


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