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Designing your website

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool, so it’s important to get it right. Ask yourself why you want a website, who it's aimed at and what you want visitors to do when they're on it. Then we can decide what kind of website best suits your needs.

We’ll design and build your website especially for you. All of our sites are responsive – meaning that they will change to fit any size of display, as illustrated above.

Responsive Design

The use of tablets and smartphones is rapidly increasing. Responsive design allows your site to adapt to suit the device it is viewed on, providing the user with a better experience. A responsive website will eliminate the need to build separate versions of your website for desktop users and 'device' users. Not only does this save on cost, but also time: there is no need to update content on different platforms.

Updating content yourself?

We build all our sites on a content management system (CMS). This means that you can assign editing permissions to yourself or your staff, which will enable you to update pages from the 'front end' of the website. Alternatively we can maintain your site content for you – see our maintenance packages.

Added functionality

We can also add sales, event booking, user login, resource downloads, blogs, forums, email newsletters, social media – the choice is yours and you don't have to decide at the outset, they can be built in later. All solutions are unique and we would discuss your requirements with you before quoting.

Hosting & Security

We’ll build your site to the latest web standards and host it on our VPS server. Backups are taken daily, and security updates are implemented regularly. Our hosting partner, SiteGround, have industry-leading uptime statistics. See more about our hosting.

What next?

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