Logo design

How do your customers see you?

Do you have a recognisable image? By strengthening your logo you can influence how people perceive you, and attract the type of customer you want.

We don’t go in for overcomplicated branding. What we do is create brand consistency, so that whether your customers are reading your leaflet, your business card, or visiting your website, they’ll be getting the same strong message.

  • Based on an initial discussion, we produce three ideas. Then we develop the chosen route. Once designed to your satisfaction, we provide the logo in a range of sizes and popular formats to suit web and print.
  • As an optional extra, we can supply a small ‘brand guidelines’ document. Brand guidelines summarise what the brand stands for, and also provide guidance on how its elements such as logo, fonts and colour palette should be used. You will send this to any supplier that is going to use your logo. It protects against it being reproduced incorrectly; this is essential for colour consistency if the logo appears in many different formats such as print, web, banners and clothing.

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