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Designers, copywriters, nerds – we’ve got them all ...

Cahoot Creative is a small design agency based in London. We all work from home, because today's technologies allow us to have our offices in the cloud. We combine to bring you many years of design, web and marketing expertise. Because our overheads are low, your money pays for your project and not for our swanky Soho offices!

If your project is large or complex, we call on our loyal army of specialist freelancers. Like us, they all know their stuff and love working in Cahoots! Among those huddling under our umbrella are copywriters and editors, coders, a journalist and videographer, and a tame IT genius.

If you are a creative freelancer and would like to join our team, please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and your skills.



Creative designer experienced
in print, web and illustration.

I started my career programming in HTML and then went on to work for Reader's Digest. In my 13 years there I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of design projects including direct mail packages, brochures, product photography, electronic mail and web/intranet design and development. I also spent three years in studio management.

In 2011 I started Cahoot Creative with Mark.

mark kermode


Grizzled veteran specialising in creative & project management.

My background is in photographic printing for ads and fashion. Later came creative artwork at ad agencies (McCann's, LHS, TBWA), followed by many years in studio management (Face Creative, Reader's Digest, Black Pig).

Since then I've trained companies in the use of creative software, managed marketing design for house-building projects and run my own creative business (Marque). I joined forces with Shelley Designs a few years ago and we haven't looked back since ...



Techno guru with a love of all things electronic.

It all began long long ago, with a few IBM PC’s and a handful of screwdrivers. Since then I’ve consulted for ITV, Guardian News and Media, Readers Digest, News International and many more, specialising in email migration, publishing workflow and corporate infrastructure.

Eventually I found Cahoot, who are now taking advantage of my Mac/PC integration expertise and my fondness for fixing things that are broken, especially email systems and networks.



Videographer with over 13 years working in the broadcast industry.

I have worked for the BBC for the last 12 years, and have travelled the world to report, film and take photographs. What I enjoy most is being able to take a short snapshot of someone's life and then having the opportunity to tell their story.

I film promotional and music videos, weddings and many other events.

Whatever your project, I'll give you many years' experience of storytelling, creativity and professionalism.



A copywriter skilled in telling and selling.

I’m a creative copywriter and online content writer. I use words to inform, engage or motivate a client’s audience.

I’ve worked in direct marketing and integrated advertising, producing ads, marketing and communications for a variety of brands, including Virgin Media, Sky, Magners, Kraft and Honda.

And now I do the same for Cahoot!




13 years running a photography business.

Experienced on location or in a studio, I love to photograph people and places and have a natural approach and style to my photography.

Owning a camera from a young age, completing 4 years of education in the 1990's, and running a business for over 12 years has given me a wealth of experience in the field of photography and working with people.



Marketing Guru

A marketing specialist with a talent for creating and managing digital content that builds relationships for organisations and individuals.

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